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Helping you to increase your mental wealth and happiness

Life is challenging at times but it can be made easier with the right support and a good therapist to help you through.

I’m Hilary Dixon, passionate psychotherapist and counsellor in Solihull, qualified to help you find mental wealth and get you to a happier place. Forgot to mention…..I’m a total dog lover too!

Finding a therapist can be daunting, I know, because I’ve been there. You want to know you are in safe hands and your therapist is competent, capable, trustworthy and able to support you for the short or long term. You want to be properly heard and understood and feel able to explore issues that are affecting you. You want to feel happier, know how to manage your mental health, adopt coping strategies, if needed, and discover a place of calm and inner peace despite the challenges.

At Positive New You we are here to support you every step of the way! My work as a psychotherapist started 17 years ago, I love my work and I’d be honoured to accompany you on this path to a happier place and a more positive new you.

Hilary Dixon

BACP Accredited Psychotherapist & Trainee Supervisor

My story

My own personal struggle with anxiety and panic attacks in my early twenties inspired me to train as a psychotherapist and help others. 

Looking back, I remember how lost I felt, how worried I became regarding my health and how debilitating the anxiety and panic was. I struggled on for years believing I’d “get over it” but it wasn’t until life became so uncomfortable and frankly, embarrassing, that I reached out for professional help. (See BLOG on anxiety and panic for my personal story.) 

I found the right therapist (took a while): one that recognised my genuine emotional distress and didn’t label me with a mental illness. Like any good therapist, she provided me with the necessary conditions for me to take control of my life. 

You can do this too.

I really do understand how hard it is to make that first contact and sincerely hope this website helps you do that. 

If you’re in need of support right now, call me!

The Positive New You Team

Hilary Dixon

BACP Accredited Psychotherapist & Trainee Supervisor

  • BA (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Warwick University.
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching.
  • EFT (tapping) practitioner training. 

Hilary has been helping adults and teens since 2005. She has worked in the NHS, a university counselling service, further education college and for a large public sector organisation. She now works privately and is a health provider for AXA, Aviva, Vitality, Aetna Global, Police Mutual and others.

Meet Jayne Shirley-Smith

Member of BACP (00922635)

Jayne joined Positive New You in 2019. Having been a Samaritan in Solihull (and still is) for over 5 years she finally decided to undertake her counselling training in 2015 and is now flying at full masts!  Currently, she is undertaking further training in child and adolescent counselling.

As well as being a good Samaritan she is a volunteer counsellor at “The Parenting Project”. Forgot to mention…she’s a crazy dog lover too.

The Therapy Bubble

Therapy Tonics

The therapy bubble is here to support you! She provides nourishing audio tonics that will assist you in creating a positive mindset and promote positive change. Take a look at her library here…


Our mascot

Archie is a natural-born therapist. He doesn’t judge or criticise. His love is unconditional and he reminds us that we are lovable.

Archie is here to remind us all, that we are enough.

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Thank you for your support and guidance. I had definitely been stuck at a crossroads for some time and you helped me to find the clarity of courage to make some big decisions. After many years of groundhog days change seemed impossible and scary and actually its been easy and wonderful!



Thank you so much for the difference you have made to my life.