How to access therapy

Simply by being on this web page you’ve already taken a positive step.

Here’s how to keep moving forward.



Life certainly deals us challenges. We’re here to support you, mentally and emotionally, every step of the way, no matter how big or how small.


Choose how you'd like to meet

Decide if you’d like online therapy or face to face therapy. If it’s face to face you have a choice of therapist. Jayne or Hilary – we’re both dog lovers.


Book an appointment using the online calendar

You’ll receive a brief form that you need to complete and email back. This form also outlines our commitment to you in line with the BACP ethical framework for “Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy” and other information which will ensure you feel secure and know that you are in safe hands.  


We meet

Face to face appointments take place at our therapy room within Broadoaks Health Clinic in Solihull.

Online sessions are conducted over Zoom.


Great... You have made another positive step!

Your future self will be grateful for you taking action today.

Pricing and appointment types