Blissful Sleep With The Ocean Waves


This sleep audio tonic induces relaxation and trains the body and mind to let go of the days activities. Play this audio in bed, just trust in the process and wake in the morning feeling relaxed, replenished and raring to go. The calm sound of waves plays in the background.

Duration approximately 24 minutes. Sound of waves in the background.

Created by “The Therapy Bubble”


This beautiful sleep meditation is a great way to fall asleep. Sleep is a natural process, as natural as the ocean waves. Within all of us there is the potential to sleep well but often life can get in the way and interrupt our ability to sleep deeply or to sleep at all. This audio will help you let go of tension in the mind and body and allow you to drift down into a restful and restorative sleep. Just lie back and listen and enjoy being guided into deeper relaxation and then sleep.

The benefits of learning to sleep well will have an obvious impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Audio duration 24 minutes with soothing, background waves.

Created by "The Therapy Bubble".

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